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Adult Coloring Book - 50 Mandala With Quotes About Success

RRP $29.95

Mandalas are universally known for promoting healing and for many other positive states of being. From this comes infinite possibilities and unlimited potential. When you use these mandala coloring pages, you will be expressing your desires for contentment and wellness. Perhaps you want to experience more inner joy and peace. Or maybe you just want to express your creative side. For whatever purpose or reason you choose to work with this book, know that you can attain your goals through relaxation and mandala coloring.

This book includes 50 Mandala designs with motivating success quotes. And the quotes themselves can also be colored in. Imagine yourself with these coloring pages in front of you. All you have to do is read the quotes, set your intention, and then awaken your thoughts by infusing them with color. It literally helps balance your entire being as you experience deeper nourishment that fuels the dreams and visions and goals of your life.

In fact, by using this book, and channeling your artistic side through coloring, you can:

  • Feel more relaxed and positive
  • Utilize self-expression
  • Balance your body, mind, and spirit
  • Expand the mind's creativity
  • Increase your awareness levels
  • And much more!

Just have fun, alone, or with a friend or loved one. Please feel free to go to my website www.inspirational-quotes-and-thoughts.com and before you buy you can view all the images. As a special bonus you can also download many of my free ebooks such as Napoleon Hill's bestselling classic, Think and Grow Rich.


Love and Laughter


Musings Of A Retired Physics Teacher

RRP $13.99

What can science teachers do to elevate interest in their classes and make learning more exciting and fun? This is an age-old question that educators have been grappling with forever. It is commonly assumed and studies have verified that students learn more if they are actively involved in the learning experience. Anything the teacher can do to peak interest in a subject pays rich rewards. It is common sense that if a student is enjoying a learning experience, that student will put more effort into the experience. J. L. Smith taught high school and college physics for thirty-five years. In that time he developed a teaching style that that achieved great success. Anecdotal comments from his former students express their positive attitudes towards his physics classes. One major ingredient in Mr. Smith's approach to teaching physics was his emphasis on demonstrations that were thought-provoking, awesome and right-down fun. If a teacher can get the student's attention and stroke the thinking process, success will soon follow. In this offering J. L. Smith describes fifty demonstrations that he has used over the years in his physics classes. Though designed for the physics classroom, Mr. Smith's attitude and approach to the demonstrations could be extended to many disciplines of education. His techniques developed in the physics classroom will work in many other settings. J. L. Smith is also author of the stand-alone science fiction novel, Adam. His understanding in the field of physics is obvious. It is hoped that this offering will make the teaching of physics specifically, and science in general, more student-friendly and quite simply, fun.

A Little Book Of Quotes From Karl Marx

RRP $18.99

This book presents a collection of over 350 quotes from Karl Marx - as well as from his friend and collaborator, Frederick Engels - drawing on such major works as 'The Communist Manifesto' (1848), 'Capital' (1867), 'The Poverty of Philosophy' (1847), and 'Critique of the Gotha Programme' (1875). Additionally, a range of newspaper articles, personal correspondence, pamphlets and other manuscripts have been sourced. As editor and translator, Simon Blackburn has selected quotations from several 'disciplinary' fields - including economics and politics (or, more traditionally, 'political economy') as well as sociology, criminology, social policy, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, history, even mathematics. And these writings often extend beyond such disciplines, to include juvenilia, poetry and love letters. Simon Blackburn also provides a useful introduction that explains the aims and scope of the book, while offering a short biographical sketch on the life and thought of both Marx and Engels. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the ideas of these authors, this book shows that Marx and Engels said some amazing things!


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