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Pressing On When The Pressure's On

RRP $19.99

Do you have what it takes to keep going when the going gets tough? Elijah was outnumbered 450 to One. Nehemiah had bad guys breathing down his neck. And a blind man Jesus healed was questioned by powerful politicians who were determined to change his mind. Yet these Bible heroes all proved themselves strong to press on in the work God gave them. You, too, can learn the secrets of stick-to-it-iveness as you fill in the blanks, crack the codes, solve the puzzles and find hidden words in Pressing On When the Pressure's On!

Here's what others say:

"Wow! I hardly needed any help from Mom to do this Bible study and the puzzles and memory verse games were really fun!"

Ethan Crow
Student, Age 6 -- Kingsport, TN

"A tremendous tool to teach children how to study the Bible and learn God's Word!"

Doug Askew
Young Families Pastor -- Woodside Bible Church -- Troy, MI

"My kids loved having the Bible verses right in their workbooks; great for summer trips."

Laura Meek

Pastor's wife - Chicago, IL

"I especially liked the action steps where my kids had to listen for what God was saying to them. Fun kids' study...very well done."

Heather Davis
Homeschool Mom of 5 -- Southfield, MI

"The questions lead children into deep thought and personal responses...with puzzles, codes to crack and other fun activities, students of varying abilities will enjoy themselves while learning eternal truth."

Jane Foard Thompson
Retired Montessori Teacher -- Sarasota, FL

Enlightened Retirement

RRP $18.99

Decades ago, nearly 80 million Boomers came in together with similar energy, dreams and visions for a better world. They "bonded" in their youth and laid the groundwork for what they could become later in life. Boomers are in now reaching their full spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological power. This is a generation who knew how to dream together. How can they remember and reclaim those dreams as they approach and enter retirement? In an easy-to-use combination of essays and thought-provoking questions, this book provides a process for reclaiming that energy, creating an intentionally meaningful retirement regardless of one's financial situation, and becoming a living legacy for those who follow. As Boomers, dreamers, pathfinders we can know the answers if we ask the deep questions. Enlightened Retirement gives you those questions to find your unique answers.

Golf Under Pressure

RRP $16.99

Whether amateur or Tour professional, every golfer will experience that crucial moment when victory hinges on just one shot. Make it, they win; blow it, and they will re-live the memory for years to come. The question is: can they handle the pressure? Now, leading motivational speaker Robin Sieger author of the acclaimed Silent Mind Golf explores the concept of choking', applying his easy-to-grasp mental conditioning techniques to help golfers at all levels perform under pressure. Using examples drawn from the careers of the game's greatest players, Robin demystifies the psychological secrets of how to perform well at critical moments, and demonstrates how understanding the choke point' enables us to conquer it.


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